Keep Me In Your Path


I praise you,

you are my portion,

my inheritance,

my treasure,

everything I’ve sought and needed,

the fulfillment of all I long for.

Thank you for holding onto me,

the long, broken path

you’ve allowed

for me to surrender

and finally find rest in your hands.

I surrender anew to you,

all of my self-conceptions,

assumptions, expectations

regarding what I think is right or wrong,

my tree of knowledge of good and evil,

my self will,

what all the voices of my life have dictated,

from family, culture, tradition,

church, religion, society, and the world.

I lay down my past of regrets, failures,

and dim successes.

I lay down my future created by

my rigid and limited expectations.

Help me to be here now…

with You.

Opening up my heart,

my Path, my Way

in You alone.

Please let me walk in the garden with you Lord,

in your heartbeat,

teach me Your Ways,

show me Your Path.

Keep me always Lord,

and hold onto me,

that I would never get lost

or go astray again.

I love you Lord.



My Rest, My Healer


Thank you for being the Healer

of my broken heart,

coming into my mess

to bind up all my wounds,

and deliver me

from tangles of grief and despair,

unspoken words,

unfelt feelings

of regret, shame, and guilt.

Thank you for loving me still,

accepting me still,

embracing me still,

never letting go

when I pushed back

and ran away.

I praise you for your lovingkindness

that always draws…

compels me back to you.

Your goodness awes me

in the small and big ways

in the land of the living.

Truly you are the living God,

making yourself known,

through your creation,

your hand upon my life.

Help me Lord,

to surrender all,

to trust you wholly,

rest in your love fully,

and be absolutely your child,

yours alone, forever.

I love you Lord.


Help Me To Love


Thank you for your love for me

as my Bridegroom, Brother, and Friend,

showing me the eternal, perfect love of my Father.

Thank you for your ever-present help,

your loving-kindness, your faithfulness,

and goodness to me.

Would you remove every obstacle

that blinds me from knowing your love?

Would you bring down my pride,

self-righteousness, independence

that would keep me from humbly receiving,

what I so desperately need,

what the depths of my soul cry out for.

Show me,

give me eyes to see my soul

the way you see.

The brokenness I have pushed down,

past failures, regrets, shame,

sadness, wounds, and guilt

I’ve never brought to your feet,

not knowing, unaware,

sometimes just running away and ignoring them.

Yet I acknowledge only you can save,

only your love heals and delivers.

Please touch me with your love again Lord,

refresh me in your presence,

show me how to love myself,

that I may know how to love others

the way you’ve made and called me to.

Transform my heart,

that I may patient, kind,

not jealous, boastful, proud, or demanding my own way.

Let me not be irritable, keeping no record of being wronged. 

Let me rejoice with truth,

never giving up, never losing faith,

always hopeful and enduring in your Spirit and Word.

Lord, I confess I have no ability to be this,

to do this,

so come into my heart and have your way.

Make this beggar rich in you,

a broken clay pot filled with your treasure to share,

a conduit, filled and knowing of your love,

ready to be poured out wherever you call

resting securely in my Master’s hand.

Thank you Lord.


His Own


thank you

that you enable me

to praise you.

Though I’m dark with sin,

you call me lovely,

and I bless your Name.

You delivered me

from death and bondage,

a life of purposeless existence

and into your fold.

Thank you for bringing me

under the cover of your talit,

and making me your own.

I praise you that you placed me

in a new family,

for eternity and blessed,

and I bless your purposes,

your high calling,

given to me in you.

Teach me your ways,

show me your paths,

let me listen, trust, and obey,

and follow you now

and always.

Thank you Lord.


Eating The Word


day and night,

let me be in your Word,

loving your teaching,

meditating, reflecting,

mulling, chewing,

eating and drinking,

what you are speaking to me.

Let your Word take root,

deep within my cells,

changing my DNA,

my face, my countenance,

my life,

to reflect your light,

your glory, your beauty,

to those hurting who need you…

just like you did for me.

Draw your lost ones to yourself,

quickly Lord,

salvation is your Name.


Fellowship Of Light


Thank you for your Spirit

that eternally bonds me to the fellowship of Messiah.

I praise you for my brothers and sisters who love and seek you,

and ask you for continued grace

to run this race of life with them.

Connect me,

release divine appointments

for the right relationships

each season of my life,

to walk, stand,

sit and break bread

in intimate fellowship with other believers

pursuing you wholeheartedly, singlemindedly.

I praise you for your sweet presence amongst us,

bring us into unity and love

that reflects your light and beauty.

Make it so Lord, I bless your Name.


Rich Soil


Help me to prepare the soil of my heart,

to till deep for your seeds of truth

to root down and take hold.

Let me fill my heart with right seed,

being faithful and diligent to water them,

and Lord,

be pleased to grow your desires,

your truth,

your ways, your will,

your heart

in me,

so that I may be like an oak tree

with hanging branches

planted by rivers of living water,

abundant with your fruit

to share with those around me,

offering shade and comfort by your grace.

Be glorified in me Lord.


Walk With Him


give me your grace

to love you more,

help me to live it out,

waking early in the morning

to meet with you,

in communion and prayer,

in your Word,

breathing through the day

in alignment with your priorities

and your will,

serving and loving

in the ways you’ve called me to.

Let my evening bookend my day in your presence,

readying me for rest,

an open spirit to receive your instruction through the night,

and grant me sweet spirit-filled sleep

healing and ministering to my heart, soul, and body…

that I may be ready another day

you would grant me

to walk with you.

I love you Lord.


Use Me Lord


I praise you,

Creator of all heaven and earth,

thank you,

you remember me,

less than a speck in the universe,

desiring to bend down

and use me for your purposes,

for my utmost joy and satisfaction,

for your delight, glory, and kingdom.

Grant me faith,

each and every day,

to press in to your will.

Forgetting what is behind,

pressing on towards the goal,

the high calling in Messiah

to know you, be known by you,

to love you, be loved by you,

and to obey your Words of life,

follow the guiding of your Spirit,

and to truly love… and live.

Strengthen me, provide for my daily needs,

to partner with you

in establishing your kingdom—

rigteousness, peace, and joy

—in this generation.

I love you Lord,

you are worthy!




I pray and ask you

for divinely appointed fellowship and friends

in every season,

as iron sharpens iron,

those who love you,

love your Word and Spirit,

ones running to you,

challenging me to love and pursue you too,

stepping beyond my comfort zone,

stretching my faith,

to trust and know you more.

Please bring into my life

wise counselors and mentors⁠—

spiritually, physically,

mentally, emotionally,

financially, professionally,

socially, relationally;

for without you I’m a fool,

let me live wisely,

step humbly,

serve in your footsteps,

love well,

and praise you all my days.