Entering Rest

Lord of my rest,

I enter into Shabbat,

into your presence,

so thankful for your mercy,

for your acceptance, joy, and open arms,

your faithfulness even when I’ve been unfaithful,

your delight when I come,

just as I am.

I’m so grateful for your invitation,

to step out from the the world’s frenetic race,

into this Shabbat you’ve made for me

into the garden to just be

simply me in your wondrous presence.

So I’ll enter your rest,

confident and secure,

washed in your blood,

laying aside my burdens,

giving them to you,

falling into your grace

again and again,

setting my mind,

my eyes upon you

and finding only shalom peace

with a full heart

and praise on my lips.

I bless you this Shabbat,

tasting and knowing you are good,

sweet, holy, and wonderful.

I love you Lord.


Kiss The Son


I praise you for your glory, majesty, and sovereign power

over all the heavens and the earth.

Thank you for your comfort and ministry,

even as the nations rage,

and culture roils and rebels

seething against your standards and pleasant boundaries,

I look to you and will not be overwhelmed,

for your scepter rules,

you are the Son of Man, the Son of God,

who has received the ends of the earth as your inheritance.

My hope rests in you alone,

and I long for your once and coming rule.

I will remember that even as the kings of the earth

take their stand and counsel together against you

building towers of Babel, temporal kingdoms and futilities,

you will shatter ungodly oppression, pride, and rebellion

with your rod of iron,

but your staff and hook will lovingly guard and protect

your sheep.

I will take refuge in you,

knowing how blessed I am to know you,

let me worship, revere, and honor you

and serve you with fear and wonder,

and kiss the Son all the days of my life.

I praise you King of kings and Lord of lords,

reign over my life.


Balm Of Peace

Photo by Thalia Ruiz on Unsplash.


my Prince of Peace, Sar Shalom,

Balm of Gilead,

you anoint my head with oil,

warmth and sweetness dripping down

into the depths of my soul,

healing, comforting, soothing,

enveloping all of me

in your love, safety, and security.

My cup overflows,

as all my questions and hurts

once more find rest in you.

I bless your Name.