You’re My Lead


Let me be attentive to you, my King,

still and waiting,

seeking your presence,

at rest in trusting you,

knowing you’ll move, you’ll speak,

when you choose,

in your way and timing —

not mine,

let it be my delight to follow you.

As the world dims and darkens,

your light shines more brightly within,

hope and joy lifting my head to your glory eternal,

that I can only dimly perceive.

I take heart in your hand

hemming me in from behind,

your Spirit going before me,

and your Word and presence

making your heart and desires clear.

You lead me step by step,

down your winding, narrow path,

leading me to rest,

green pastures, quiet waters,

paths of righteousness,

and my spirit expands and is strengthened.

Let me walk with you like Enoch did,

faithfully here on earth

and all the way up to heaven,

that my life and death would count for you,

all for your glory, honor, and praise.



The Wondrous Trade

Photo by Gerald Hartl on Unsplash.


I’m in awe of what you’ve done,

wholly, fully completing your covenant with me,

knowing the depths of my shame,

walking through the ugly mire of worldly sludge, brokenness, and defilement,

thrust into the pain of sin around you,

accusation, betrayal, and condemnation.

You are the Son of God,

yet you counted yourself as nothing

for love –

love of God, love of the world,

your creation, your handiwork, your poetry,

love of me.

I can’t believe I can come with my broken wares,

my ashes of shame and self-hatred,

dropping them at your feet

with my knees and head prostrate,

realizing I can be free because you paid the price for me.

I praise you for this trade of mercy and grace,

where I can only receive,

humbling my heart to see clearly my emptiness and poverty,

and I’m amazed that for ashes, grief, and despair,

you would give me beauty,


and a garment of praise.

You are good God, and I will never forget your kindness,

I am yours, and you are mine.

I bless my Beloved,


Eternal Flame

Photo by Sérgio Rola on Unsplash.

Eternal Flame,

I warm my broken pieces and parts around you today,

uncomfortable, but leaning in to your warmth,

and once again, I find comfort, acceptance, and grace,

a space to be

at rest,

quiet and still,

open and honest,



freed from my own narrow scrutiny,

all judgement melts away,

and I’m in love with you, my Savior,

looking in your eyes,

You see me,

You know me,

every part and piece of me,

embraced and loved,

You laid your life down for me,

and I am forever yours.


My Love

Photo by Rohit Morwani on Unsplash.

You are my Love,

let me reflect your presence and light,

like the fair moon that reflects the sun,

your music and whispers,

like the ear drum that gently stirs to delicate sounds,

your beauty and joy,

like a diamond that delights to scatter your beams of light,

your peace and gentleness,

like zephyrs that move lapping waves on the shore.

Your love is all around,

you spoke and brought forth life by your Word,

infused all creation with your power and Spirit.

All creation adores you and sings praise to you,

and waits in bated breath for the children of God to arise.

I have the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind,

I’m at rest in your love,

wholly alive, fully me,

beloved, enjoyed, delighted in,

to love you, love myself, and love others.

I arise to answer your call O Lord,

to be yours, and to discover for all eternity,

the riches of who you are.

You are mine.


Love Is The Goal

Photo by Nils Rasmusson on Unsplash.


I praise you for new beginnings,

where love is the goal,

loving you by bringing all of me,

exposing every piece of me to your grace

and your unending waves of mercy and kindness

breaking over me…

enabling me to rise again and again,

to see by your Spirit through the eyes of my heart,

cleansed continually of sin, wounds, and lies,

now open to the beauty in others,

that you’ve placed as a treasure to seek.

I bless you as you call me forth,

realizing now I never had to be perfect to answer,

and I rise from a long, barren wilderness,

leaning on you, my Beloved,

forgetting what is behind,

and pressing on towards the goal of heavenly love,

sweet intimacy with you Lord.

I love you,


Lord My Defender

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash.

O Lord,

You hear my voice when I cry out to you,

you are aware of the traps and attacks set by the enemy of my soul.

Even now you know its secret plans, counsels, and lies against me.

Lord, I come to you in vulnerability and trust,

knowing you are my Defender, my refuge and strength.

One arrow from you scatters all its efforts,

revealing your glory to all who see your power.

Your presence is a strong tower around me,

you will never let me fall.

And all who fear you will see and glory and honor in your Name.

You are King of all angelic hosts,

and I have heaven on my side,

I will not be afraid or dismayed,

but will and trust in your deliverance and victory.


Seen and Known

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

You know everything about me,

the inclinations, leanings, the shape of my heart,

my patterns of running away and coming home,

where I’ll go, when I’ll come,

the invisible thoughts, beliefs, lies that drive me,

the words spoken and repressed,

left hanging in unawareness,

You see me, beyond my drive and my behavior,

God you see the real me.

The one you created,

the child you love,

with special intimate knowledge,

care, affection, and approval,

You know me better than I know myself,

and you love me better and more than anyone else.

I praise you for your trust, your hope,

your gentleness, kindness, goodness, and long suffering.

And I declare today, that you know me,

that I belong, and I am beloved.


Permission To Be You

Photo by Maxx Gong on Unsplash.


Touch me as you touched Daniel

in answer to his prayers of grief and pain,

Let me know the nearness of heaven

and teach me how to pray again,

touch my heart to express feelings long hidden away,

lost deep within as shiftless vapors with no identity,

give me words that shape them, give them meaning,

creating form for me, my heart, my petitions,

grant me grace to be honest with you,

and to give myself that same permission,

to be messy, complicated, known and unknown,

all of me, wholly surrendered to you,

Touch with me your vision and comfort,

and hope for what’s to come,

Don’t leave me where I am,

but let me enjoy the process with you.

I love you and I trust You Lord,