Walk By Faith


Grant me grace

to know you walk with me today,

closer to me than my heartbeat,

infinite and awesome,

glorious in the heavens.

I cannot go without your presence,

so infuse me with a fresh infilling of your Spirit,

supernatural love and grace,

to step into full obedience

cleansed of guile and self deception,

wholly surrendered with a ready yes in my heart

to your Voice,

saying no to the demands of my flesh

to hide, conserve, hoard, and defend,

but to open my heart as you did

speaking mercy and truth.

Lord open my eyes to see,

my ears to hear,

open and humble my heart

to truly see,

peering into the spirit,

that I may walk by faith not by sight,

according to your rhythms, ebbs, and flows,

your voice, call, and will.

Not my will but yours be done.

Use me, use my life Lord,

let me be your salt and light in this world.


A Beautiful Yoke


I praise you for leaving your throne,

the heavens that are your home

dwelling in beloved unity with the Father and Spirit,

to come down and save the world.

Thank you for your heart,

open, exposed, vulnerable,

loving as only the Son of God,

Son of Man can love

in mercy, truth, grace, and power,

holy, right, and true,

never looking away or holding back.

You are the Messiah,

promised through the Jewish people

to be the Savior of the whole world.

I praise you that you made the way,

reached down for me,

washed me clean by your blood

to be able to approach you

and come near to you.

Thank you that you are approachable,

gentle and humble in heart,

and your yoke is easy and burden light.

I praise you for breaking

the heavy, oppressive yoke of the world upon my back,

filling me with dread and anxiety,

draining life.

Let it be so Lord,

that your joy would forever be my strength,

that my food would be to do your will,

and that I would discern and delight

to do the work you’ve prepared in advance for me to do.

and accomplish your work,

to shine your light,

to be a conduit of your blessing.

I praise you for life abundant in you.

I bless you Lord.


Work Rest


I praise you for your rest,

rest in your love,

rest in your Word,

rest in your commands,

rest in simple obedience to you,

and a relationship with you.

Let my work be rest

as I give my gifts, talents, and skills

back to you for your glory.

Place me where you would maximize your glory

through my life.

Deliver me from making work an idol,

wrapping my worth into my performance,

shrinking back in fear of failing.

Grant me your vision,

boldness, courage, faith, determination,

discipline, diligence, and persistence

to see your plans and will birthed through my life.

Ready me for your kingdom come.

I bless you Lord.


The Fear Of The Lord Is Clean


Holy are you,

glorious in your throne room of grace,

active, concerned, moving

nations and kings in alignment with your purposes.

I praise you for your promises,

time coming into its fullness

your prophetic word fulfilled

and your Son coming into His rightful place.

King of kings and Lord of lords,

make me ready.

I ask you for the spirit of the fear of the Lord

to cleanse my soul,

expose and deliver me from habitual sin,

awaken me from apathy and complacency,

refining fire

come upon on my heart and mind,

that my spirit would remain

brightly burning, united with you.

Reorient me to your priorities,

being alert and sober-minded to pray,

to steward and spend my gifts and talents

for your kingdom, to glorify your Name,

not my own,

to be wise and shrewd as a snake,

gentle as a dove,

stepping into your love,

that my love would abound still more and more

in knowledge, depth of discernment, and insight,

making the most of this time left that you’ve given me,

to fulfill your purpose upon my life.

I long to hear you say

“Well done good and faithful servant.”

Let it be so Abba,

have your way in me.

You alone are worthy,

I bless you.




I praise you for being my source of life,

a fountain of living water bubbling up from my spirit,

refreshing my soul, my body,

and washing my eyes to see

your joy, delight, and pleasure in me,

all around me.

Teach me Lord to be content,

self-sufficient through you,

satisfied and fulfilled with no lack,

where I am no longer uneasy, anxious, or rattled,

regardless of what may come my way

in my circumstances and any situation.

Let me know how to get along and live humbly

in difficult, trying times,

and also how to enjoy life

when it is abundant, prosperous, and full.

In all things, let me learn your ways

to face life,

whether I’m poor and hungry,

or well-fed and satiated.

I can do all things which you have called me to do,

I’m strengthened and empowered to fulfill your purposes,

strong, joyful, and self-sufficient in your sufficiency.

I am prepared, full of hope, ready for anything,

equal to anything through you Lord,

infusing me with inner strength and confident peace.

I bless your Name.


Lord Use Me


I ask for shalom peace over my mind,

purity and clarity in my heart,

clear, healthy boundaries around my life.

Open my eyes to see,

my ears to hear,

my heart to you Lord.

Lead and guide my steps,

don’t let me run past you or lag behind.

Sharpen my intuition

to be in tune, aligned with your Spirit.

Fill me with prayers

overflowing from your heart

to pour out your love

and move forward your kingdom.

Anoint my words

to bring comfort, truth, and life.

Please use me Lord,

have your way in and through me,

let me be your blessing.

I bless you Lord.


Fully Me For You

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash.


I praise you for caring for my heart,

I trust your faithfulness to me.

Grant me wisdom, knowledge, understanding,

discernment, and insight,

into who you are,

who you created me to be,

how I function,

who I am and who I am not,

and the pleasant boundaries,

the wise limits you’ve placed around my life.

Help me to understand your call

to right stewardship, responsibility

over my heart, mind, body, energy, and time.

Let me accept and embrace

the gifts, talents, and strengths you’ve given me,

what motivates and fulfills me,

the people and situations that may trigger,

and grant me the humility, wisdom, love, and grace

to shine your light through all of it.

I pray that you would help me Abba,

to glorify you with all of me,

every cell, particle, breath, action, and movement of my heart,

and to answer your highest call,

to be fully me,

fully surrendered to all of you.

I praise you and bless you Abba,


The Highest Call

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash.


Thank you that you’ve set me free,

removed the yokes and burdens upon my mind,

to walk in hand-in-hand with you,

and simply be me,

not pastor, not full-time missionary,

only my Creator’s reflection,

brimming with mercy deeper than my sin,

made new through death,

and resurrected —

my new life your creation,

and from created to create

expressions of your heart,

gratitude for your mercy, your kindness, your love,

words for your glory, your power, your majesty, your strength,

creating with my Lord

walking in the garden with you…

oh my heart’s bliss,

I praise you for your call,

Enable, empower, motivate me

to fulfill your your purposes for my life,

the works you’ve prepared my hands to do,

grant me a whole and complete understanding

of your will that I may walk right and upright all my days,

but more that I may just walk with you,

and know you.

I love you Lord.


Beautiful Salvation

Photo by Andrea Proietti on Unsplash.

Righteous Judge,

you look deep into the hearts of men,

and saw all have fallen short of your glory,

turning to our own ways,

becoming our own gods,

caged in sin, fear, deception, and trauma,

too prideful, deceived to turn to you,

loving our own will, even when it kills us,

Merciful God,

you alone are God

who died for us when we were your enemies,

becoming flesh like us,

becoming our sin, taking our judgement, dying our death,

so that we could truly live

now and in eternity.

You tore the veil in our hearts and eyes,

to see you clearly,

melting away our chains and bondage in your light,

redeemed and free, humbled and rejoicing,

as your children,

chosen and transformed to be your Son’s Bride.

I praise you God,

there’s none like you,

wonderful in your mercy,

beautiful in your goodness,

glorious in your joy and splendor,

breathtaking in your holiness,

abundant in neverending generosity, love, and grace,

thank you for you beautiful salvation.


Hope For 2021

Photo by Vera W on Unsplash.


I praise you for new beginnings.

I step into 2021,

my eyes fixed on you,

my hand in your hand,

trusting and resting in you,

hoping and anticipating your move.

Ready me, heal me, prepare me for my work,

that you’ve already established for my hands uniquely.

Set me in the places of belonging

where you’d shine your light through me.

Grant me your wisdom and vision,

a boundaried life,

prioritized by your heart and purposes.

Mold me and make me ready and fit

to be your soldier and your light,

to love you and love others

in the way you’ve purposed me for.

And I pray all the glory would be yours,

that my deepest delight would be to please you,

and 2021

I will live solely for the audience of One.

I praise you God, and for all you will do.