Forgiving Me

Photo by Oswaldo Martinez on Unsplash.


you see me,

you know me,

and you died for all of me,

my sins, failings, and weakness,

help me to forgive as you’ve forgiven me,

renouncing my judgement,

relinquishing my right,

to hold my offender to justice,

letting go, releasing all to you,

open-handed and palms down,

trusting your judgment, responsibility, capability,

to make all things right,

in your infinite care and kindness.

Today I forgive myself,

and release my shame and guilt,

open-handed and palms down

into your ready and willing hands,

realizing you’ve known me all along,

and never stopped loving me,

guiding me, strengthening me

to fulfill your blessed purposes

in and through this life.

I worship you wonderful Redeemer,

God who is good, loving, and Life!


To Know You

Photo by Jess LeClerc on Unsplash.

To know you,

the deepest treasure of my heart,

pursuing Truth

cleansing my soul in the process,

tender love, gentle wisdom, joyful light

embodied in beautiful you, Yeshua,

You’ve always been with me,

when I left on the wings of the morning,

settled on the farthest shores,

your hand guided me

your strength was always my support,

my darkness and my shame,

were as light to you,

because you are light,

to know you Lord,

understanding you’ve known me all along,

you were always there,

for me not against me,

and Lord, you’re always with me,

your hand of blessing and favor on me,

I trust you and I love you precious Lord.


Secure In You

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash.


into every crevice of my soul,

embraced by tender mercy,


to be at rest in You,

accepted by Your depth of understanding,


spirit, soul, mind, to a cellular level,

changing, healing my very DNA


because You’ve paid the price with Your blood,

and given me Your beautiful, perfect, eternal life,

and You’ll never let me go.

Secure in You.

A Joyful Work

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash.


Gentle and humble in heart,

Willing to teach, guide, and lead,

Your yoke is easy,

Your burden is light,

You equip all you have called,

with no lack of resource,

Your grace covers my tasks in you,

Bless and anoint me for your work,

make clear to me my tasks and priorities,

Help me to be faithful and diligent,

to your call, your purpose,

working joyfully out of my debt of love to you,

so that your light may shine in and through me,

and when my tasks with you are completed,

that I may hear you say,

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Your Voice Is Lovely

Photo by Cassie Matias on Unsplash.


Your voice is clear, pure, sweet,

high above the clamor of the world,

Your voice is still, close, and ever present,

available, ready to be heard,

Your voice is over the waters,

majestic, calming, vibrant,

Giving life,

bringing order to chaos,

thundering, powerful, mighty,

speaking truth that sets me free,

shaking the foundations of the earth,

You created me,

You define me,

and You identify me as your own.

I’m a child of God,

and with my voice,

I agree

God you are glorious!

and I am yours,

my beloved’s.



Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash.

Heavenly Father,

I calm my heart,

my racing thoughts,

and take a breath,

knowing it’s from you,

I still my soul,

and know that you are God.

Wonderful, merciful, powerful God,

who is in control,

aware of all the details,

lovingly, intimately close,

aware, moving,

acting on my behalf,

I’m not alone,

you are near,

right here beside me,

going before me,

hemming me in from behind,

I worship you God,

give me eyes to see from your perspective,

your heart beat, your mind,

buoy me up by your Spirit,

to know your victory in all my circumstances,

I bless you God,

and praise your name,

I put my trust in you alone.


You Are Safe

Photo by Jaccob McKay on Unsplash.

Heavenly Father,

Your loving glance,

Your kind words,

Your sweet breath,

Your silent comfort,

Your chesed

touching the broken shards

of my heart,

You are safe,

You are safe,

You are safe.

I trust you,

I love you.


Abba’s Call

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Lift your voice to me, child,

for your voice is lovely

and your face is sweet,

your emotions are safe with me,

express your heart to me

every anxious thought and worry

because I already know them and long to help you

to heal you, to give you hope and strength,

never do I condemn you or judge you,

I love you and desire my best for you,

fellowship with me, I accept all of you,

discover my special intimate knowledge of you,

my unconditional love, power, mercy, and grace,

I’m your heavenly Father,

and I long to see your face,

to hear your voice,

Come and be with me today.

The Lord Reigns

Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

Abba Father,

enthroned above all the heavens and earth,

surrounded by heavenly ministry,

the cherubim and seraphim,

the lion, the ox, the eagle, the man,

faces of your majesty, strength, vision, and character,

all eyes on breathtaking you,

living waters flowing from your throne,

like liquid gold,

pouring down steep steps

that I walk up bowed down,

postured to worship you alone,

lightnings and thunderings around your throne,

with emerald rainbows and crashing,

and all that surround you

can only say,

holy, holy, holy are you,

awesome God.

You alone are worthy to be praised.