Hope In The Lord

Photo by Filipe Gomes on Unsplash.


help me to seek you,

to approach you rightly,

entering into the throne room of mercy,

aware of your holy power, beauty, and devastating grace,

knowing you already know, are in control,

and working all things for good

in accordance with your plans,

your heart is good, your will is pure,

and your purposes established from the foundations of this earth,

meant for my good, the salvation of the world, and for your glory.

Forgive me for clinging to my ways and my own understanding,

looking back with regret and not trusting you.

I choose to put my hope in you,

trusting you will renew my strength,

and I will soar on eagle’s wings,

the wind of your Spirit buoying me up,

guiding, directing, counseling, and revealing your ways,

seeing from on high with your perspective,

flying safely in and through turbulence and chaos when I obey,

understanding once more,

again and again,

that you are in control,

Master of the winds, Master of my life,

trustworthy, powerful, safe Abba,

I put my hope and trust in you.