Clay Vessels


Without you,

I’m an empty vessel,

made of dust,

brittle, cracked clay,

empty, dry, and purposeless,

useless for life.

Pour out your Spirit upon me,

fill the empty cavern of my soul,

find my every empty crevice,

bring life to every blood vessel,

energize every cell,

create new life

as my hungry soul meets your dunamis power.

Let waves upon waves of your Spirit,

grace, love, and power

wash upon me.

Give me a new heart,

enlighten, illuminate my mind with your revelation,

invigorate my soul to your will,

activate my body and will for your purposes.

I praise you Lord,

the old has gone,

you have made me a new creation,

and I will forever bless you,

my Maker, my Savior,

Deliverer of my soul.


Spirit Of Life

Photo by Rainer Gelhot on Unsplash.


You model the feminine spirit for me.

Restraint and control,

a force to be reckoned with.

Soft, gentle, and meek

to break bars of iron.

Fierce empathy, compassion, and mercy

to cover the weak and protect the vulnerable.

Quick to follow, able to lead,

standing firm in paths of righteousness and truth.

Powerful, subtle, wild, true,

Spirit you are a mystery,

as soft as pure, silken waters

and baby’s breath,

as unknowable and terrifying as black ocean swells

and lightning storms, tornados brewing.

You’re woven into me now,

resurrecting this dead soul to life.

Awaken every part of me,

to your intimate revelation and knowing,

your gentle whispers of comfort and counsel,

and your words of life.

I love you Spirit.