Rest Secure

Photo by Carmel Rossen on Unsplash.

Lord of Shabbat,

You are my rest.

Learning from you,

you who are gentle and humble in heart,

I find ample space,

level plateaus to just be and breathe,

knowing I’m ok,

accepted and secure exactly where I’m at

with you.

Your word breaks in,

calms, stills, and breathes life,

halting my spinning wheels, racing thoughts

to remember you.

You still reign, you are sovereign,

you have always been faithful,

and you will never stop being good.

You are God.

I rest secure this Shabbat

loving you,

blessed by your love and kindness.


Warm Your Heart

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash.

Lord of Shabbat,

You are the light of the world,

calling me out of darkness

into your marvelous presence.

In this night ending in beautiful day

I draw close,

entering into your sweet rest,

warming my heart against yours,

you are my flame of hope.

I lean in, trust in, depend on you,

letting go of my cares,

your warmth and life revive me.

I sit at your table,

surrounded, infilled by Abba and Son,

in the fellowship of your Spirit —

and my cup is full,

my joy is complete.

I bless you, Lord of Shabbat,