Take Heart Beloved

Photo by Meric Dagli on Unsplash

Take heart beloved

Just one step forward

I’m with you

you’re not alone

I’ll push the darkness away

the heavy clouds of shame

I’ll protect you from the enemy

its flaming arrows pulling you down

lean on me

trust me

I love you

I accept you where you are

let’s take the next step together

I’m for you and not against you

my burden is light

my yoke is easy

I want you to succeed

in all my plans for you

to prosper you and not to harm you

wait on me

I’m not slow in my promises

I want my best for you

surrender all

give me your weary heart

be my companion

rest in the garden with me

and walk with me, my friend

I love you

I am always here for you

My beloved.


My Sure Help

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash.


You are my strength, my calm, my anchor

my true guide, counselor, and teacher

your word is light, and your spirit is true

you never lead me astray

I trust you God, looking to you for all my help

knowing in certainty you’re always there

and you’ll never fail me.

I praise you loving and faithful God

you are so good to me

you alone are worthy of all my praise


Enter Into His Promises

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

Trust me

Follow my lead

into the promises I’ve prepared for you

I’ve knit them into the very fiber of your being

and have drawn those threads together

to bring you into this moment in time

step through the open doors I’ve prepared for you

you are a new creation and I’ve made you ready

be bold and courageous

walk with me

listen to the good report

I have good plans, hope and a future in store for you

for I know exactly what you need

I’m a kind Shepherd, gentle and humble in heart

my yoke is easy and my burden is light

and I desire to bless you child.


Photo by ghana-shyam-khadka-aMkoYSQQ_28 on Unsplash.com

Alone before you I stand


from the hooks of past

released by you

beautiful you who set me free

from my trauma, shame and fear

that you felt, you held dear

your God-strength and power

atoning, disintegrating those bonds

infusing me, making me whole

complete, new in you

my core filled with truth

I’m your child!

I’m beloved

and I stand before you

disentangled, free

to be who you made me to be

no condemnation, hiding

and running errant to be like

Before you

I’m simply me

no more, no less

and in your love

that’s all you’ve ever desired

I love you God.

Child Of God

Heavenly Father

I’m a child of God

I’m Yours

I’m Your beloved

You created me

saved me

delivered me

healed me

and made me

whole, integrated, complete

in You

I’m Yours

by nothing I’ve done

but by Your grace alone

Your love is extended to me 

through your beautiful Son

I love Your Spirit within me

integrating my heart and mind into Yours

aligning fractures, brokenness, trauma

into wholeness with Your truth and love

I’m Your beloved  

greater is your Spirit living within me

than any lie and destruction in the world

in You I am a victor

for Yeshua you have overcome all

my spirit is one of power, love, and a sound mind

and I rejoice in Your goodness

I worship You and love you Abba.


Rich in Mercy

Father of mercy

and all compassion

I’ve held onto hurt

deception and shame

thinking it would all go away

somehow on its own accord

denying its power and hold on me

Thank you that you care more

know more, love more

and won’t let me stay where I am

I cling to Your grace

help me to forgive myself

touching the cross 

remembering your blood

Your suffering and shame

covering my shame

You who loved me

love me still

love me forever

I need You

wrap me in your loving wings

Merciful Lord

rich in loving-kindness

I bless you


In You I Live

Heavenly Father,

In you I live, move and have my being

Your breath gives me life

Your Spirit and power uphold me

You gave me new life and good works

prepared before time for me to do

giving me purpose and delight

O Lord use me, sustain me 

by your love, grace and Spirit

I surrender and trust you 

turn my weakness into ministry

so your power and glory will be on display

God who loved and made a way 

to reconcile all the world to you

Precious Lord who loves always 

let my life be pleasing to you


Next To Me

Loving Abba,

I thank you that you I can come

undone in my worries and my sin

your arms are open to welcome me in

the prodigal, the heart’s that strayed

to find rest once again in you

Your love embraces my doubts,

my fears, all my failed plans

Your peace wraps around me

calming my hesitancy

to ask for mercy just once more

I’m undeserving with so much to prove

but find only emptiness in my striving

until you remind me, touch me once again

that there’s nowhere to reach

in you, I’m already there

with you right next to me

accepting me and loving me

granting me all the grace once more

to simple come to you

and be simply me

I love you Father


It’s A Beautiful Day

Heavenly Father

I rejoice in You

on this beautiful day

You have made

full of sun and light

reminding me

of your glory

Your joy

my delight

bless my day

and my loved ones’ day

fill moments with Your presence

make your will known

show how good

it is to obey you

and walk in your ways 

because your blessings follow

let me delight 

in the path 

You lay before me

and trust you

for all I need

to be faithful today

Your loving-kindness and mercy 

pursue and overtake me

You are good 

all the time

Your ways

full of peace and joy

You give life abundant

I’ll never lack

because You are

a good, good Father

I worship You

and rejoice in You today