Your Wonderful Mercy

Heavenly Father

You are holy

pure and righteous,

perfect love

in your wonderful mercy

cleanse my heart once more

forgive me

where I fall short

give me your heart

that honors your Son,

loving right and justice

compassion and truth

and with the love you’ve shown me

give me courage 

to listen to hurting hearts

and the silence of shame

to speak words of life

truth and grace

to my loved one

my neighbor, my stranger

to be a peacemaker

a safe harbor

a blanket of grace

a window to your glory

so that your will be done

Your kingdom come

on earth as it is in heaven

and your love expand

from this moment on

forever and ever

for your glory and praise



Renew Me Again


I need you

cleanse me of my sin

wash me once again

uplift my heart 

from grief and sadness

restore a right spirit within me

give me a pure heart,

clean hands

You alone are Messiah 

You alone know my heart

Would you once more heal

and restore,

make me right with You

with myself, with others

I praise You God

knowing you are merciful

beyond human understanding

able, powerful to heal

gentle, kind to restore

trustworthy, true and faithful

thank you for loving me 

in my shame and nakedness

accepting me as your own

I can never stop loving you

because of who you are

pure, holy love

my eternal gift through Yeshua

I love you


Trusting You

Abba Father,

Thank you for your Son 

for Yeshua’s mind in me

His thoughts, motives,

and intentions alive 

in my will 

through Your Spirit

Take me over

give me Your eyes

Your perspective

Your heart today

to see things

as You see them

Your sovereignty in chaos

Your wisdom in confusion

Your power and love

in darkness and hate

Help me to love 

You and my neighbor

with all the strength,

passion, and intelligence

You’ve placed in me today

no more, no less

I love you and trust you Lord


Eternally Yours

Beautiful Lord

You are my rock

the only strong foundation

upon which I stand

Forgive me for where I’ve placed

my hope, my identity

in my family and culture,

doings and performance

striving to be

what you already call me

your child, beloved

accepted and belonging

Flip my paradigm

to live from the inside out

loving you, living life

totally unconditionally accepted

secure, whole, and complete

confident and defined by you alone

unique, called, set apart

I’m not made for this world

but for something far greater

I’m eternally yours

I love you Lord


You Are Not Alone

Photo by nate rayfield on Unsplash

Abba Father

I thank you that you use the press

surrounding on all sides

to turn my head to you

for momentary afflictions

that scrub away distractions, busyness, and the trivial

providing grace for needed rest in you

for disappointments and closed doors

testing my faith and patience

to not settle, but seek your best

and trust your goodness and wisdom

for all the ways you speak

how you love, guide, and discipline

that through it all I may just know you

and be ready for the eternal weight of glory

I will enjoy forever and ever in you


The New Has Come

Abba Father

You call me like Lazarus from the dead

shedding off gray garments, dull shell, old skin

loosening tentacles of trauma

transformed to golden cords of healing

unbroken, connected with you

You stir up dead coals within me

sifting, encouraging sparks and warmth

by your breath, by your Spirit

and the Word you’ve planted

the seeds you’ve sown within me

are no match for the crust of old life

the past holding me back

You call me forth like Lazarus

I rise from the dead

a new creation in Messiah

filled with your fire, your Spirit, your living waters

alive to your call, your meaning and love

molded and crafted within me

to live my true purpose and identity

I love you Lord

my voice, my life I lift up in praise to you


It’s A Beautiful Day

Photo by Quentin Dang on Unsplash


Your beauty and presence permeates the world

Your loving-kindness has followed me

You lead and guide me

this is the day you have made

thank you for your presence

through soft sun rays and fresh meadows in the morning

wind rustling green leaves

eating of your Word and wisdom

books, words, worlds and curiosity

the smell of roasted, nutty rice tea

lungs to inhale, six senses to discover moments

your spirit within me giving life

the gentle touch of a friend

a word spoken aptly in truth and grace

your comfort in my heart

You’re always with me

always watching over me

I am glad in you today

I love you Lord