Rise Above


thank you that I am exactly where you want me to be,

in the place, position, amongst the people

you have called me.

Forgive me Lord

for asking why for so long,

wanting to run and jump ship,

complaining and grumbling,

living myopic,

for man’s approval,

fleeting acknowledgement,

and missing you this whole time.

I praise you when I’m brought low,

my face turns up to seek you,

I praise you when I’m misunderstood, unseen,

you are the God who sees and knows me,

I praise you when I feel unvalued, overlooked,

my work is for the audience of One.

Give me eyes to see you in this world,

to perceive your kingdom

and to declare your heart and your Words.

Help me to rise above in spirit,

and I will bless your Name always.

I praise you Lord.



My Great Reward


You are God

having all the fullness of divinity,

yet you never regarded your being,

your right, your position

as something to cling to or display.

You surrendered all

to put on the skin of man,

and was obedient unto death for love.

Now you are most exalted,

your Name above every name.

King of kings and the Lord of lords

may I serve you wholeheartedly, single-mindedly,

seeing you in my midst wherever you place me.

Please let me know your heart of selflessness,

grant me the grace to keep my heart humble

before you and man.

Deliver me from the fear of man,

my anxious striving and man-pleasing work.

Sensitize me to my need for love,

and all the idols I seek to fill it,

that I may repent and turn to you,

knowing you are my only Source and Sustainer,

the Lover of my soul.

Let my heart be free,

just to serve you, love you, be with you

wherever you are, wherever you go,

wherever you would have me follow,

because it is all from you,

all to you.

You are my great reward,

let me seek and find you always.


Beautiful Deliverer


Beautiful Deliverer,

I see your light,

your Word

separates my bone and marrow,

soul and spirit,

the oppression and lies that have clung as truth,

suddenly separate from me

like oil and water,

by your gracious revelation,

I sense your presence

where I’ve been failing,

white knuckling on my own,

and faith refreshes me,

hope relieves me,

you bring me to rest.

Deliver me O Lord,

remove every obstacle

that hinders your love,

return my heart to first love,

fresh, bright, and pure

again and again,

always and always with you.

You are my Savior, my Deliverer,

I bless you Lord.


Beautiful Work


I praise you for beautiful work.

Let my hands be blessed

to do the work you’ve prepared for me.

Reinvigorate my spirit, soul, and body for labor

sharing my yoke and burdens with the Lord,

knowing His wisdom and counsel,

His pace and strength,

His joy and margins.

Let your light shine from within me,

my tongue cleansed of complaining and grumbling,

my heart pure, sincere, and generous,

my body and mind healthy and strong to serve.

Provide for me discernment and faith,

alert to the movement of your Spirit around me,

and grant divine appointments,

a word, an action, moments, and prayers

to be your hands and feet in this world.

Drench and deluge my heart with your desires and directives,

enable me by your power

to fulfill every good purpose of yours

and every action

stemming from absolute trust and confidence

in your power, wisdom, and goodness.

Bless me to be a blessing Lord,

so that your beauty and light will shine,

and your magnificent Name glorified in this world.


Stand Firm


please strengthen my heart,

prioritize my day,

let your guidance be clear,

and my path straight.

Bless the work of my hands,

establish peace in my spirit,

let my words and thoughts

please you and grace others.

Protect me from the evil one,

grant me focus and conviction

to stand firm and fight,

using prayers, trust, and hope,

so that I will not lose ground,

but stay true to your vision,

your call for my life.

Let me be aware of your presence,

your love and help,

the hands of your angelic ministers,

the fellowship of the body,

that I stand with an army of warriors,

serving the Lord of hosts,

whose victory is won.

I bless you Lord.


My Spirit


I praise you for your Spirit that dwells within,

that lights me up from the inside,

with your joy, strength, and comfort.

Your Spirit is a blue flame,

using the pressures of the world,

to mold me, shape me,

taking what was dead and black,

and creating within purity,

surrender, holiness,

a multi-faceted diamond

reflecting your glory alone.

My dying flesh is a holy temple,

home to a spirit of power, love, and sound mind,

one with you.

So I will stand firm today,

not shrink back from demands surrounding,

and press into your presence,

trusting in your goodness,

applying faith to every insurmountable mountain,

and speaking forth and praising your beautiful Name.

You are worthy Lord!


Hold On


I trust you,

in the middle, the muddle, and the chaos.

I lean on you,

believing you will raise me up

on eagles’ wings in due time.

Grant me your perspective

from a 1,000 leagues up.

Speak to me above the voices

that clamor and echo in the valley.

My faith is in your goodness,

that you will see me through once more,

you are my refuge and my strength.

I will keep on praising you.


Shedding Lies


I praise you for setting me free.

You are Truth,

embodied in gentle loving kindness,

enduring and strong as a rock of generations,

unendingly persistent in your grace and mercy.

Lord I believe you.

I trust your Voice,

who you say I am.

Forgive me for listening to the voice of the enemy

whispering depression, shame, trauma, despair

for too long… too long O Lord,

thinking it was all me.

I surrender these lies,

all of my judgements, thoughts towards me,

so that I can listen, and rightly align with your voice.

Thank you that you have healed my heart

as I’ve sought you,

and these lies that have been cages

you are exposing and you set me free.

I love your Word,

I love your voice,

I love your Spirit that brings life.

I praise you as a Lazarus coming forth from the grave,

thank you Lord for saving me,

again and again, delivering me,

I bless your Name.