Child Of God

Heavenly Father

I’m a child of God

I’m Yours

I’m Your beloved

You created me

saved me

delivered me

healed me

and made me

whole, integrated, complete

in You

I’m Yours

by nothing I’ve done

but by Your grace alone

Your love is extended to me 

through your beautiful Son

I love Your Spirit within me

integrating my heart and mind into Yours

aligning fractures, brokenness, trauma

into wholeness with Your truth and love

I’m Your beloved  

greater is your Spirit living within me

than any lie and destruction in the world

in You I am a victor

for Yeshua you have overcome all

my spirit is one of power, love, and a sound mind

and I rejoice in Your goodness

I worship You and love you Abba.



My Sweet Rest

Photo by Marina Kraus on Unsplash

Dear Lord

As the climate rages and roils

You are my gentle Shepherd

making me lie down in green pastures

safe in your wisdom and power

Your sweet fragrance all around

like love cocooning me

You refresh my mind with beauty

Your holiness cleanses my weary soul

and I set my heart to follow you again

Son of God, Son of Man

my precious Jewish Messiah

rich, humble, noble, and pure

You alone are worthy of all honor and praise


Search Me Lord

Photo by macro-mob-CIRGH_ARa-c on Unsplash


You know my heart

my breath to breath

words unspoken

and released to the air

my comings and goings

hemming me behind

going before

You’re with me

You don’t condemn

Your acceptance is my healing

Your kindness, my grace

Your comfort, my hope

search me and know me

test me and know my anxious thoughts

lead me in your way everlasting

to be loved and love

for your glory and my good

I bless you Lord