Photo by Victoria Medvedeva on Unsplash.

Beautiful Lord,

I bless you with all my heart,

for setting me free,

this exoskeleton,

my old armor,

I’ve now cast aside,

shedding myself of manmade expectation,

tradition, and religion.

In your Spirit,

through your death and life,

my spirit has come alive,

you’ve given me a heart of flesh

that beats for your glory.

I’m free to pursue your kingdom and ways,

cut free from the past,

hopeful for the future,

set free to be me,

your child,

a co-creator,

dancing and rejoicing,

living your story,

embodying your Word,

beloved and known,

and I bless you my Lord,

for whom you set free,

you set free indeed.

I praise your Lord.



Glad In Love

Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash.


I praise you for your love,

your exuberant, exhilarating delight,

your lively, happy, captivating joy,

so close, so intimate,

and yet utterly holy, wild, unknown.

You are an all-consuming fire,

cleansing, burning, refining away

all that hinders your love,

and your love always wins.

Patient, kind, and long-suffering,

you always wait for my stumbling steps,

and cherish my willing, bumbling heart,

and you give me time and space,


in every stage,

in all my imperfections.

Your love sets me free,

to follow you,

to dance with your Word,

to obey and love you back,

I delight in your love,

your joy in me is my strength.

I bless you and love you Lord,