Your Prayer Quote

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Coming King

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Son of Man,

you came down,

and lived humbly among us,

unrecognized by your people

though you commanded your creation,

willingly stripped down of your title, dignity, and honor,

You suffered in excruciating pain,

and laid your life down for me.

Son of God,

you raised yourself up from the dead,

overcoming all the powers of darkness, sin, trauma, and pain,

obliterating the fear of death,

for you walked this earth in resurrected form,

eating fish, breaking bread, fellowshipping with those you loved,

went up in glory and light,

and will come back again as righteous Judge, conquering Lion,

You are the rightful, glorious King.

I love you Lord.


My Messiah

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Beautiful Lord,

tender as a babe,

vulnerable beyond our deepest wounds,

wrapped in skin,

holiness walking amongst us,

pierced by my sins,

bleeding mercy and forgiveness,

your open heart,

hangs on the cross,

and never stops beating with love

that resurrected you from the grave.

Son of Man,

you came and walked among us,

died for our sins and rose again.

Yeshua, you are Savior and Messiah,

you alone are God.