Settled In Love


I quiet my busy mind

calm my antsy soul,

why is there such unrest within me?

When I gaze upon you in faith

with the eyes of my heart,

sensing your presence

the substance of what my faith longs for,

te weight of your Spirit

quenches my soul thirst,

heals my mind,

and settles my heart.

Lord, strengthen my inner man with your Spirit

that you would dwell in my heart as I trust in you.

Let my roots go down deep in your love

and make me unshakable, unmovable, magnanimous.

May I grasp how high, long, wide, and deep

your love is,

embracing and trusting the mystery

that all eternity will not be enough

to understand fully.

Let me be whole, complete, perfect as you are,

in the abundance of life and strength that comes from you,

that I may decrease and you would increase.

I praise you Lord

that you answer above and beyond

anything that I can ask, think, or imagine.

I praise you for your love.


To Pray


thank you for reaching my heart,

loosening my lips,

unlocking words

to talk with you,

to pray,





for confidence in your love,

for showing me my limits and lack

by your kindness, not to my shame,

so that I can ask, seek, and knock.

My reason has failed me,

your loving kindness has broken through,

time and again,

I bless you for faith,

softening, circumcising this heart of stone,

and I dare to believe now,

that you are so good,

you will answer.

I accept your terms,

I pray now your will, not my own,

trusting you know best,

with unclenched hands

ready to surrender all and receive

your best for my ultimate good,

even when I don’t understand.

Help me, teach continuously how to pray,

I love you Lord.


I Trust You God

Photo by Jimmy Chang on Unsplash.


I praise you that you work all things for your glory and my good.

The circumstances that made me helpless,

and of life that has made me aware of my neediness and longing,

thank you that you call it good, and you’ve made it so.

I praise you for exposing my white-knuckling and control,

where my own strength and human help has proven woefully inadequate,

showing me, teaching me it’s ok to cry out to you,

to depend on you for help,

for you have wooed and cared for me all these years

wandering in the wilderness,

supplying my every need, above and beyond,

you have been faithful, when I have not.

I praise you that you have the answers,

you are the answer,

and my neediness and dependence is complete in you,

for you are the living well,

the fountain of life,

the way, the truth, and path,

you are everything,

you are my life,

and I bless your Name.


Enter Into Trust

Photo by Jamie Hagan on Unsplash.


grant me grace,

let me enter into trust,

this leaning in, depending, relying,

resting in you,

acknowledging and expressing my heart honestly to you,

knowing you lean down to hear my voice,

being ok that I don’t know,

but you do,

naming and releasing my fears and anxieties into your hands,

knowing you are my good Sheperd,

remembering you are gentle and humble in heart,

believing you desire my success, my good, my best,

to prosper and not to harm me,

to give me a hope and a future.

Increase my faith in your loving-kindness, your character, your love,

and let me be wholly surrendered,

to walk in your paths of righteousness,

to be aligned with your perfect priorities,

and trust you every step of the way.

Thank you Lord.



Photo by Ali Abdul Rahman on Unsplash.


I praise you for the finished work of your Son.

Thank you for our King, Prophet, and great High Priest —

knowing you, knowing me,

having passed through this life,

with fragile skin,

as human as I am,

but without sin.

Thank you for intimately knowing and understanding my weakness and failures,

interceding for me, you’re on my side,

encouraging me, rooting me on.

You are my hope Lord,

who lived the perfect life before God,

being the blood sacrifice for my sins,

taking my punishment, dying my death.

You ascended and passed through into the heavens,

and are now seated at the throne of grace,

lovingly extending your scepter,

generously pouring out your favor and blessing,

anointing me with oil in undeserved mercy and kindness.


help me to hear your voice,

to trust and believe you,

to not shrink back from the light of your Word,

piercing my soul, separating bone and marrow,

exposing my need, my desperation, my pride, my unbelief.

Draw me to you Lord,

I ask you for faith,

and the grace to enter into your salvation,

and the fullness of your rest,

today and all the days of my life into eternity.

I bless you that you alone are God,

my Savior, my Messiah.


Trust And Rest

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash.


help me to keep my heart humble before you and man,

my eyes fixed on you,

to live a quiet and simple life,

minding my own affairs,

being kind to my neighbors.

You teach me to still my soul,

so that it’s quiet and calm,

drinking in your presence like mother’s milk.

I am content, safe, and secure with you,

in you alone I hope and trust

and am satisfied.


I Trust You

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash.


I trust you,

above the clamor and chaos of the earth,

you reign in power, peace, and love.

I lift my face to you,

sitting upon your throne with lightnings and thunderings,

angels and saints continuous in their praise.

I join their voices,

worshipping you,

seeking your beautiful face.

Forever and always you shall reign,

and this world and all I know will pass away,

but your love and mercy,

prayer and Word,

your Spirit and light,

you remain the same.

Beautiful Yeshua, I bless your Name.