Your Prayer Quote

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Deliver Me

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I remember you are kind, loving, and good,

unpredictable and unchanging,

other and intimate.

I cast my cares onto you today,

deliver me from my anxieties that I wear like a coat of brambles,

I shed it off before your feet,

coming with wounds and broken skin,

trusting you will anoint me with your peace — a healing salve.

Deliver me from the fear of man,

from other’s criticisms and quick judgements,

from putting others on a pedestal in your place,

crowding out your voice and mine.

Fill me, rest on my family,

with the fear of the Lord,

and the spirit of wisdom, revelation,

knowledge, understanding,

discernment and insight,

that we may learn, know, obey,

and walk in your ways,

and be blessed.

Take the preeminence in our lives,

be pleased to encamp in our midst,

that all fear, worries, and anxiety,

would melt away in the comfort of your light,

and the shelter of your wings.



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I praise you for the finished work of your Son.

Thank you for our King, Prophet, and great High Priest —

knowing you, knowing me,

having passed through this life,

with fragile skin,

as human as I am,

but without sin.

Thank you for intimately knowing and understanding my weakness and failures,

interceding for me, you’re on my side,

encouraging me, rooting me on.

You are my hope Lord,

who lived the perfect life before God,

being the blood sacrifice for my sins,

taking my punishment, dying my death.

You ascended and passed through into the heavens,

and are now seated at the throne of grace,

lovingly extending your scepter,

generously pouring out your favor and blessing,

anointing me with oil in undeserved mercy and kindness.


help me to hear your voice,

to trust and believe you,

to not shrink back from the light of your Word,

piercing my soul, separating bone and marrow,

exposing my need, my desperation, my pride, my unbelief.

Draw me to you Lord,

I ask you for faith,

and the grace to enter into your salvation,

and the fullness of your rest,

today and all the days of my life into eternity.

I bless you that you alone are God,

my Savior, my Messiah.



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I bless you for your shalom peace,

anointing me with your oil,

dripping down my head,

seeping into skin and cells,

settling frazzled nerves,

calming my soul.

I bless you Prince of Peace,

your presence of beauty, holiness, and love,

reigning in the heavens and in my heart,

guiding me to paths of righteousness,

for your name’s sake,

and for my well being.

With you, all things

are right,

light and easy

in your gentle, humble presence.

There’s no one like you Lord,

and I bless you today.


You Alone

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I worship you, the rock and strength of my heart,

upholding me when my heart and flesh fail.

Search me and know me,

let your light illumine every deep crevice,

test my anxious thoughts,

and expose triggers and landmines within

that cascade into my autopilot mode.

See if there is any offensive way in me,

convicting me by your tender mercies and loving kindness,

and lead me in the way everlasting

to green pastures, quiet waters, paths of righteousness,

and rest in you.

Lord, let my heart desire nothing on earth, besides you.

Let the things that dishearten and discourage,

seduce and tempt away from your voice and heart,

all things deemed good or bad and in between, be dealt with.

Plant in me one thing that I desire,

one thing to seek,

that I may dwell in your house forever,

and gaze upon your beauty,

in the glory of your presence forever.

Bless you Lord!


Ride Forth Victoriously

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O Lord,

let my heart and eyes

rest and gaze upon you.

You are fairer than the sons of men,

rivers of grace and loving-kindness flow from your lips,

you are blessed forever.

You are mighty,

riding on your white horse,

sword girded at your side,

name emblazoned on your thigh,

you are the mightiest of kings,

captain of the heavenly armies.

Lord, ride forth victoriously,

on behalf of truth and righteousness,

of your glory and majesty.

Slay your enemies,

and establish your throne,

your scepter and right hand

over all the heavens and the earth,

forever and ever.

May my voice be one that joins the multitudes

who will worship and praise you for all eternity.

Bless you King of kings!


Your Call Never Changes

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you call me forth,

and I come with tremulous step,

so aware that I bring no contribution of worth,

only my broken cup.

Your Word halts all judgement,

my whips of self flagellation fall to my side,

as you call me by name —

call me your own.

Your arms are open,

your wings of comfort surround me,

where detours in my path wounded my soul with sin and regrets,

I find, here with you now,

that you’ve never changed.

You’ve been waiting all along,

with open heart and undying hope.

Your call to me

to all of you,

has never changed.

In the rest of your welcoming sweet mercy,

and simple trust,

You remind me of the zeal of my youth, my first love,

flickering as a tender flame.

Lord, I remember and ask,

would you take all of me, have all of me again,

and light your fire as a bonfire within.

I surrender all to you,

ever piece,

please never let me go.

I know, you alone are worthy Lord.


Come With Me

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you call me forth from the lion’s lairs,

the leopard-haunted hills,

the haunts of my past,

the den of my regrets and failures.

“Come with me,”

and “Follow me,” you say,

even as accusations, judgement, and condemnation swell

around me, reminding me of my shame.

Like shackles of smoke they deceive and hold me helpless,

frozen in bondage.

Then Lord you make the way ⁠—

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you,

I have called you.

You are mine.”

My Beloved’s voice is lovely,

his face is sweet,

his eyes are pools of clear water,

his legs strong as cedars.

And my choice, my answer is yes Lord.

I forget what is behind,

and I press on toward the upward call of God

to know you, be with you, abide in you Lord,

trusting you guide me

to green pastures,

quiet waters,

orchards spilling forth your fruit,

gardens of your delight,

showing me the beauty of your heart,

your kingdom, and your perfect love.

I surrender to you Lord,

I am yours and you are mine,

and I’m blessed in my Beloved today.


Words Of Life

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O Lord,

I love your Word

as I imbibe,

it courses through my veins,

bringing life and healing to every cell —

nurturing, replenishing, and restoring to original design.

You bring healing to all my flesh,

life to all my bones,

and you teach me to renew my mind,

praising, loving, stewarding what you have created.

You are the source of life,

only you can transform and resurrect.

I love your Spirit,

I love your Word,

I love your presence,

I am blessed and loved in Messiah!