In Unity


I praise you for your Spirit,

dwelling amongst us,

the Body of Messiah,

your people, my people,

gathered together

in worship,

in prayer,

in your Word,

under our Head,

built upon our Cornerstone,

trusting and loving you.

How wonderful,


when we dwell together in unity,

covering one another in love,

bonded by your grace and mercy,

truth and life,

knitting us together

in beautiful tapestry.

Let us be one,

make it so Lord.

We love you.



Whole And Unified


I praise you for your healing,

making me whole, complete in you.

As you bring together the pieces of my heart,

I pray for the Body of Messiah whom you love

that you are doing the same.

Bring us together in you,

wrapping the different streams

tightly as one cord around you Lord.

Would you rebuke the voice of the enemy

from your Bride,

protect us from the spirit of dissension,

offense and bitterness.

Pour out your grace

and a spirit of unity

in our families, communities,

congregations, and ministries.

Help us to love one another in spirit and truth,

standing firm in our faith,

looking beyond temporal differences

to eternal fellowship,

running this race

fighting the fight together,

as we cannot do it alone.

We long to know and experience

your blessing and anointing

when we are together

unified as your Bride.

Help us to fulfill your purposes

in this generation.

We praise you Lord.


Healing In Relationships


I thank you that I may approach your throne room of grace,

and that you hear my cries and petitions.

I bless you for your heart for healing and wholeness in relationships,

and I praise you for your precious fellowship,

Father, Son, and Spirit,

three in one, one in three

dwelling in perfect, beautiful unity.

Abba have mercy on my brothers,

restore the sweet intimacy of their brotherhood from youth.

Melt down the walls that have been built up through the years,

cleanse and heal wounds and trauma that were beyond their control.

Soften hearts from unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger,

and remove the distorted filters given by the enemy.

Please save, heal, and deliver them Lord,

out from the spirit of division, oppression, isolation,

pride, deception, unforgiveness, suspicion, and betrayal.

Release repentance upon their hearts,

a spirit of conviction of sins,

and turn their faces to you,

draw them to yourself,

let them see your Son

and receive His sacrifice, forgiveness, and life.

Let them dwell in unity

by the grace of your Spirit,

in one heart, one mind, one spirit,

under the lordship of your Son,

restored, healed, whole, complete.

Place your hedge of protection around them,

release your angels concerning them,

fight the battle that has raged against their brotherhood.

Abba, you always win,

please destroy the enemy and bring your victory here.

Bless these brothers to receive your full compensation

for all the years the locusts have eaten,

and revive this relationship

with your precious mercies, grace, and life.

Thank you Abba.


He Knows You

Photo by Dlanor S on Unsplash


You know me

You know him

You know them

You know us

You love our unique threads

our color, light, beauty and humanity

You weave our hearts together

by your grace and love

the power of Your Spirit

knits us in one mind, one heart

to glorify your Son Yeshua

Prince of Peace

the once and future King

of heaven and earth

we wait for Him


Make Us One

Abba Father,

I bless the work of Your hands

every color, shape, culture and tongue

each and every brother and sister in the Body of Messiah

Your creation, a new creation in spirit

Call us forth in Yeshua

to arise whole, complete and healed in Him

to fulfill Your unique call upon each of our lives

spreading the fragrance of Messiah in our steps

to understand Your precious inheritance in us

of Yeshua’s love and grace in and through us

help us keep our hearts set on You

inclining our ears to Your voice

above the clamor and noise of the world

and do the good work You’ve prepared

for each of our different, beautiful hands to do

unite us under your headship

one in Your Spirit, mind and purpose

that Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

and to You be all power, honor and glory forever


Heal Us Lord

Photo by Yves Moret on Unsplash

Father, Son and Spirit

Perfect in love and unity

One in holy essence

Thank You for inviting me

into Your wholeness

through You Yeshua, I’m complete

in the love of God

Release your love and unity

upon our nation today

make us whole from trauma and wounds

deliver us from fear, hate and oppression

open our eyes to see beyond skin

and embrace community

enable us to listen

with loving-kindness and gentleness

as You do for us

Let us know Your intimate comfort

so we can share it freely

Embrace our hurting world

with Your mercy and grace

draw our hearts to look to You

and help us to repent

Healer of our hearts

Deliverer from our pain

Savior of our souls

Yeshua, the Way, the Truth, and the Life

we need You

blessed be Your Name