Lover Of My Soul


Thank you for saving me,

lifting my soul up and out of the miry clay,

gifting me your Spirit,

breathing eternal life into me,

buoying me up by your mercy and grace

to traverse this life with you.

In you I have no lack,

my vulnerabilities find your strength,

my pain finds your healing and comfort,

my frustrations, your hope and counsel.

Fill this broken cup,

so that your healing, comfort, joy, and life

would overflow,

and that in all of my being,

utterly dependent on your love,

you would be so glorified

as Lover and Messiah of our souls.

I bless you Lord.



So Kind

Photo by Alexis Reyna on Unsplash.

Son of Man, Son of God,

You are so gentle in your kindness,

you’re tender to my vulnerability,

my weakness draws your strength and grace.

My brokenness invites your compassion,

and my desolation your hope,

you cover my nakedness so I am safe and secure.

Your words bring healing, comfort, and life,

and wash away my regrets and pain,

changing me, transforming me,

granting me heavenly dignity and honor

I could never ask for.

Lord, your mercy and grace have won my heart,

you are good

with no depths, heights, lengths, and widths

to constrain your lovingkindness.

I adore you with the love you have shown me first,

and I bless your beautiful Name.


My Love

Photo by Rohit Morwani on Unsplash.

You are my Love,

let me reflect your presence and light,

like the fair moon that reflects the sun,

your music and whispers,

like the ear drum that gently stirs to delicate sounds,

your beauty and joy,

like a diamond that delights to scatter your beams of light,

your peace and gentleness,

like zephyrs that move lapping waves on the shore.

Your love is all around,

you spoke and brought forth life by your Word,

infused all creation with your power and Spirit.

All creation adores you and sings praise to you,

and waits in bated breath for the children of God to arise.

I have the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind,

I’m at rest in your love,

wholly alive, fully me,

beloved, enjoyed, delighted in,

to love you, love myself, and love others.

I arise to answer your call O Lord,

to be yours, and to discover for all eternity,

the riches of who you are.

You are mine.