One Day At A Time


help me to meet you

early in the morning,

and in the closing of the day.

Grant me the wisdom,

knowledge, understanding,

and discipline

to steward the gift of time

you have given me,

structuring my hours,

my moments,

my day to wrap around your presence,

and prioritize your will for my life.

Help me to work diligently,

faithfully in partnership with you,

according to your purposes,

and let me find deep rest

in your Word,

knowing I’ve lived your will.

Let my life count for you,

one day at a time.

I bless you Lord.



Garden Of My Heart


help me to prepare my heart,

tilling and turning baked soil,

removing hard rocks,

weeds, and boulders,

going deep,

so there’s depth for your truth to root.

Let me be faithful in planting and receiving good seed,

to water, nourish, and nurture,

guarding and protecting their life.

Place around me other believers,

growing their own healthy gardens,

wise and skilled in your Spirit and Word,

ready in season and out.

Lord, I ask you to grow,

your Truth in my heart,

increasing and strengthening my faith—

let your desires take deep root,

growing strong,

tall and wide,

and let me filled with your ways,

your purposes, your heart,

full of life from the Source of life.

Help me to do my part,

and trust you to do yours.

I bless you Lord.


My Great Reward


You are God

having all the fullness of divinity,

yet you never regarded your being,

your right, your position

as something to cling to or display.

You surrendered all

to put on the skin of man,

and was obedient unto death for love.

Now you are most exalted,

your Name above every name.

King of kings and the Lord of lords

may I serve you wholeheartedly, single-mindedly,

seeing you in my midst wherever you place me.

Please let me know your heart of selflessness,

grant me the grace to keep my heart humble

before you and man.

Deliver me from the fear of man,

my anxious striving and man-pleasing work.

Sensitize me to my need for love,

and all the idols I seek to fill it,

that I may repent and turn to you,

knowing you are my only Source and Sustainer,

the Lover of my soul.

Let my heart be free,

just to serve you, love you, be with you

wherever you are, wherever you go,

wherever you would have me follow,

because it is all from you,

all to you.

You are my great reward,

let me seek and find you always.