Praise To You

Photo by Eva Waardernburg on Unsplash.


I praise you for my breath,

my body, my bones,

that you have chosen to make your dwelling place.

Come into the center of my being,

make your abode in me,

let my heart be pure, my spirit clean,

that you would be comfortable and pleased.

I praise you for the freedom

to submit and choose you,

you who chose and made me,

unique and original,

one voice to join the heavenly symphony of worship to you.

You are beautiful, worthy of all praise,

and I bless you.



The Wondrous Trade

Photo by Gerald Hartl on Unsplash.


I’m in awe of what you’ve done,

wholly, fully completing your covenant with me,

knowing the depths of my shame,

walking through the ugly mire of worldly sludge, brokenness, and defilement,

thrust into the pain of sin around you,

accusation, betrayal, and condemnation.

You are the Son of God,

yet you counted yourself as nothing

for love –

love of God, love of the world,

your creation, your handiwork, your poetry,

love of me.

I can’t believe I can come with my broken wares,

my ashes of shame and self-hatred,

dropping them at your feet

with my knees and head prostrate,

realizing I can be free because you paid the price for me.

I praise you for this trade of mercy and grace,

where I can only receive,

humbling my heart to see clearly my emptiness and poverty,

and I’m amazed that for ashes, grief, and despair,

you would give me beauty,


and a garment of praise.

You are good God, and I will never forget your kindness,

I am yours, and you are mine.

I bless my Beloved,


Sailing Forth

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash.

O Lord,

As in the days of Noah,

people drink, marry, and carry on,

scorners scorn, mockers mock your Name,

even as the nations conspire and the world rages against you,

our cultures and words like the roiling, boiling sea

lashing out in defiance, independence,

rebellion and pride,

your ark of salvation,

filled with loving-kindness, mercy, and grace,

sails on,

indifferent to the rolling waves,

and all the powers that wish to upheave.

I can never thank you enough for reaching out your hand

of gentle mercy and strong deliverance,

bringing me into your covenant of grace

when I was lost, thrashing, and drowning in the world.

You alone are steady, secure, and safe,

the only sure foundation in a world passing away,

a world self destructing by hands no different than mine,

but who have refused your mercy ship,

now it has sailed on.

I praise you for your beautiful vessel of grace that continues forth,

bringing salvation, hope, and deliverance wherever you go,

to all crying out, calling for you,

you are an ever present help,

a safe harbor, a refuge, the only escape.

And all are welcome,

bedraggled, broken, weary sojourners

who now look from worldly, passing away kings

to the King of Kings who reigns eternal.

Together, we press against the oars,

unfurl the sails,

let loose the ropes,

drop anchors,

and throw out buoys,

answering your call,

to reach as many crying out to be saved,

and sailing steadily onward into the horizon

hoping one day, soon,

to sail right through to the other side of sunset,

in hopes of being with you, our Savior and King,

in the presence of your glory and peace,



You Came

Photo by Federico Di Dio photography on Unsplash.

Humble Lord,


vulnerable baby,

refugee, minority, outsider,

ordinary man and extraordinary Word in skin,

of humble trade, crafting wood and parts,

who created the stars, the sun and moon, earth and universe,

a stranger amongst your own creation,

seen but unseen, unknown, misunderstood,

mocked, scorned, and ridiculed,

abused, betrayed, and rejected,

by me.

And you went all the way to the grave

when I was still your enemy,

to die for all my sins and rebellion against you.

You were my friend and Lord,

embracing suffering and death

because you wanted to be in relationship with me.

You raised yourself up,

Son of God,

who was, and is , and is to come,

and I will live forever with you

in unbroken fellowship and love

because you loved, saved, and delivered me,

You are my God, my Lord, and my King.


Eishet Chayil

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash.


Thank you for your Shekinah glory,

your Holy Spirit,

your glorious presence.

Thank you for the way you have crafted women,

eishet chayil,

vessels of honor, valor, courage, and beauty.

Cleanse away the lies thrust upon us

by the enemy, who rules over the this world,

and its broken systems, cultures, and families.

Thank you for making women the reflection of your image,

endowed with the qualities

of your subtle wisdom,

gentle strength,

and powerful compassion.

Shine your light through your daughters,

precious and dearly loved,

to arise in the fullness of all your hope, belief, and love today.


Rich Legacy

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash.

O Lord,

Thank you for my inheritance in you,

for showing me the new family I am grafted into,

with a rich legacy of faith, hope, courage, and devotion

in the midst of human weakness, frailty, and mistakes.

You so patiently explain

and carefully sort,

the threads of culture, tradition, history, and lineage

that you have lovingly woven together

and redeemed by your Spirit within me.

I’m a new creation, a child of God.

I thank you for the gifts and treasures

you’ve deposited in my spirit,

my blood, my culture, my people, and my life.

You make all things new.


Phoenix Rising

Photo by Gabriel Lamza on Unsplash.


Son of Man,

you willingly laid down your life,

embracing, being all of our limitations,

fears, shame, and vulnerability.

You died despised by us all.

Son of God,

you had the power to take up your life,

destroy the power of sin,

obliterate all fear of death,

and rise, more glorious than the sun.

I believe, and your Spirit dwells within me.

The power that raised you from the dead,

and seated you at the right hand of the Father in heaven,

is the same power,

moving and working in me,

resurrecting me,

like a phoenix from the ashes,

a tiger rising.

I am a new creation united with your Spirit,

and there is no stopping you in me.


My Cup Overflows

Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash.


Let me be like Mary at your feet,

adoring you,

seeking, listening, waiting.

for you’re returning soon Lord.

Let me be unabashed in bringing my alabaster jar,

and pouring out my worship,

sweet and fragrant to you,

delightful to your heart.

Let me stand firm in your promises,

bold in your love,

joyful in hope,

steadfast, remembering your faithfulness.

And in your presence,

as I’m poured out,

you fill my cup

and my cup overflows,

I’m blessed beyond measure,

your love is better than life.


I Trust You

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash.


I trust you,

above the clamor and chaos of the earth,

you reign in power, peace, and love.

I lift my face to you,

sitting upon your throne with lightnings and thunderings,

angels and saints continuous in their praise.

I join their voices,

worshipping you,

seeking your beautiful face.

Forever and always you shall reign,

and this world and all I know will pass away,

but your love and mercy,

prayer and Word,

your Spirit and light,

you remain the same.

Beautiful Yeshua, I bless your Name.


The House That God Built

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash.

My house is a house of prayer,

I build it with strong walls,

boundaried and secure,

with clear limits and defined borders,

I know what belongs inside and out.

There’s no place for thieves here,

who steal, kill, and destroy,

worshipping money at all cost,

in love with the world and its systems.

I laugh at their schemes, and cast them out with my power.

I fill my house with the spirit of prayer and worship,

treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding,

more precious than gold and silver,

with revelation, beauty, and light.

Only life and truth may dwell here.

It is my joy to ready my house to live in,

it is my delight to restore you and dwell with you.

I’m the Master of your house, yield to my ways.

I love you.