My Keeper


you’re here, you’re with me,

and I lift my eyes from the tangled mess inside,

and look to you.

Forgive me for empowering my worries,

when my help comes from you

who created the universe,

the sun, moon, and stars,

the heavens and the earth.

Thank you Lord that you set your angels beside me,

you won’t allow my foot to stumble and fall,

you are always watchful,

never turning away,

you’re eyes, without slumber,

are always upon me.

Lord, you are my guardian,

my keeper, my protector,

your presence is a cover and shade over my head.

Not even the sun will strike me by day,

or the moon at night,

you guard me from all evil,

you hold my life.

Wherever I step, wherever I go,

Lord you will protect me.

From now into eternity,

I am yours.



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