He May Increase


Let me keep your first commandment

first in my heart this year.

Pour out your grace upon my heart,

my mind, my soul,

to love you will my passion,

my intelligence, my strength,

my will.

Let me receive your love

through all the cracks,

amidst all the broken places,

aware of my need,

redeemed in your mercy.

No more running and striving

to hide, cover up, become what I’m not,

help me just to be,

comfortable in my flaws,

accepting of my limits and failures,

broken over sin,

knowing that in all of my weaknesses,

you’re there,

your strength is perfected,

your grace shines more brightly,

and that from my lips,

I can only boast of you.

Be glorified in me Lord,

that I may decrease,

and you may increase this year.

You alone are worthy.



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