The Word In Us


Put a hunger, thirst, love, and delight

for your Word in me.

Let me mull over your words,

turning them over and over in my heart and mind,

until they are like smoothed, worn pebbles

comfortable and familiar,

lovingly held in my heart,

saturating my mind and body

towards kindness, righteousness, and blessing.

Guide my steps to connections,

interactions with others who are wise,

walking with companions who love your ways,

friends who obey your Spirit

and cherish your voice,

that you would use us as

as iron sharpens iron,

purifying our hearts

to be stronger and

shine brighter together

as your children.

Let your love abound in us,

in knowledge, depth of discernment, and insight,

knit together by your Spirit and grace,

of one heart, mind, and accord

that the world may see you in us,

and find their hope and salvation in you.

Lord, I praise you for you are the living Word,

I thank you for your Spirit and presence within me,

in each member of the family of Messiah,

may we bless your heart,

and rise up to your holy, beautiful call

to be your Bride,

worshiping you alone.

You alone are God and worthy of all our praise.


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