The One Thing

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

O Lord,

Even in the midst of accusations and lies that come up against me,

when I see the obstacles and challenges before me

and overwhelm rises like a wave to pummel me,

even in this, help me to be confident and strong.

Lord, help me to seek the one thing that matters,

the one thing that will sustain, strengthen, and bring life —

to dwell in your presence daily

and look upon your sweet holiness and beautiful throne,

to rest secure in your Word and Spirit within me.

Now you’ll lift me up above the fray,

and I will answer your call —

Let me seek your face in prayer,

please teach me how to pray,

let me know you God, not your hand,

and seek your presence as my greatest need.

Please never leave me or abandon me Lord!

Teach and counsel me to align with your will and ways,

guide me to paths of righteousness, green pastures, and quiet streams.

I choose to wait on you Lord,

confident in hope and expectation

that I will taste and know your goodness, here and forevermore.



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