Ride Forth Victoriously

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash.

O Lord,

let my heart and eyes

rest and gaze upon you.

You are fairer than the sons of men,

rivers of grace and loving-kindness flow from your lips,

you are blessed forever.

You are mighty,

riding on your white horse,

sword girded at your side,

name emblazoned on your thigh,

you are the mightiest of kings,

captain of the heavenly armies.

Lord, ride forth victoriously,

on behalf of truth and righteousness,

of your glory and majesty.

Slay your enemies,

and establish your throne,

your scepter and right hand

over all the heavens and the earth,

forever and ever.

May my voice be one that joins the multitudes

who will worship and praise you for all eternity.

Bless you King of kings!



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