Deliver Me

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash.


I remember you are kind, loving, and good,

unpredictable and unchanging,

other and intimate.

I cast my cares onto you today,

deliver me from my anxieties that I wear like a coat of brambles,

I shed it off before your feet,

coming with wounds and broken skin,

trusting you will anoint me with your peace — a healing salve.

Deliver me from the fear of man,

from other’s criticisms and quick judgements,

from putting others on a pedestal in your place,

crowding out your voice and mine.

Fill me, rest on my family,

with the fear of the Lord,

and the spirit of wisdom, revelation,

knowledge, understanding,

discernment and insight,

that we may learn, know, obey,

and walk in your ways,

and be blessed.

Take the preeminence in our lives,

be pleased to encamp in our midst,

that all fear, worries, and anxiety,

would melt away in the comfort of your light,

and the shelter of your wings.



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