Garden Of Life

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash.


I praise you for my rich inheritance,

Master of the garden of my life.

Beautiful, skilled, able, and loving Designer,

show me your vision, your hope, and your passion

for this garden you’ve called me to steward.

Let me be your companion as you share your dreams with me,

listening for your voice, your counsel, your guidance,

sharing your yoke which is easy and your burden light,

co-laboring with my Beloved

so that you would receive the riches and fruits of your inheritance.

Help me to till and plow the rocky soil,

to pull up the weeds of destruction planted by the enemy,

foxes that would steal, kill, and destroy.

Show me what was never meant to be planted

that must be removed,

heal the soil and revive the ground

the enemy has trampled on, abused, and misused.

Thank your for your rest and healing for certain garden plots,

and for the excitement of planning for others.

Show me what and where you would have me plant,

the lines, the spacing, the depth,

how you would have me nurture, water, and grow.

I praise you for the seedlings, life, and bursts of color,

promises of a beautiful and abundant spring.

Thank you for your wisdom

in reclaiming your pleasant boundary lines around me,

and restoring the broken walls.

Your presence within my garden is life itself,

you are the Rock and foundation, the Living Water, the Source

of all life, strength, power and healing.

I bless your miraculous work of life within me,

that you would receive all the glory and praise

for the transformation within.



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